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140923 SHINee’s 3rd Japanese Album “I’m Your Boy”. Credit: minoutshine

[SCANS] Taemin @ ‘Ace’ album

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ColorMeme」 2min X rainbow (requested by anon)


JAT SHINee World 2013 Special Photo Book


Minho & SHINee

What so beautiful here was we can see how much Onew, Jonghyun, Key and Taemin were experiencing the same nervous moment as Minho, and I’m sure they were worried of Minho’s condition. It’s fucking 10 meters dive dude! 10 METERS! They were praying for him, cheering for him and waiting for him. And once he did it, they were no other that felt more proud than the four of them. Side note, if you listen to the clip, you can hear Onew was screaming the loudest. SHINee, these are beautiful, you are beautiful. /crying rainbow/

just eat it tae c’mon



He’s fucking evil but look at how cute he is with it ;~;

I like how Taemin ruined Minho’s life in only a second.

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